- Compatibility: Ronin-S 3-axis stabilization
- Output power: Steps down 12V to 7.4V, 1A
- Fit for: Fujifilm T-X3 Camera

The NP-W126 dummy battery allows the Fujifilm T-X3 Camera to get the power from the DJI Ronin-S 12V accessory port. Power steps down from 12V to 7.2V for the camera.

Model: W126-RoninS 
Length: 30cm(11.8inch)
Power input: 9-12V
Power output: 7.2V 1A

1x W126-RoninS power cable

*Reach us if you need to customize the cable lengths.

NP-W126 Dummy Battery for DJI Ronin-s and Fujifilm T-X3 Camera

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