Magnetic Phone Lens filter mount - iPhone11 iPhone12
Works with any type of 52mm filter to your iPhone11 iPhone12. Super quick and easy to snap the filter on or off to your phone. Unlike the other mobile filter with clip mount or screw mount, magfilter adapter does not...
Magnetic Phone Lens filter 52mm VND filter for iPhone11 iPhone12
Highlights:- 52mm VND filter- Works with iPhone11 and iPhone 12- Offer ND2-ND400 light reduction- Perfect for photo and video creationTaking control of exposure for creative effects for photography or filmmaking. Neutral density filters are one tool you can use to...
Magnetic Phone Lens Filter 52mm Streak Filter - iPhone11 iPhone12
Highlights:- 52mm streak filter - Works for iPhone11 and iPhone12- Creat "anamorphic" blue flare to your shotMagfilter streak filter giving creators to produce dramatic, blue flare cinematic light.What's included:- 52mm streak filter,- Magnetic filter adapter- carry punch
Magnetic Phone Lens filter 52mm CPL filter -iPhone11 iPhone12
Highlights:- 52mm streak filter - Works for iPhone11 and iPhone12- Reduce the glare from reflected surfaces.- Improve Dynamic RangeWhat's included:- 52mm circular polarizer filter,- Magnetic filter adapter- carry punch                
Magnetic Phone Lens filter 52mm graduated color filter kit - iPhone11 iPhone12
Highlights:- 3 most use graduated color filters,- Adding a bit of color to your photos or videos,- Works for iPhone11 iPhone12,- 52mm graduated color filer orange, purple, blue.Design for selectively adding half of color to your images or videos, adding...
Powrig Smartphone Tripod Mount
Highlights:- Holds the smartphone widths from 55-85mm/2.1-3.3inch,- 2 cold shoe mounts for attaching the microphone, video light, and other accessories.- Quick rotate to horizontal and vertical mode- Arca-Swiss type fits most of the ball head- Foldable design, compact and lightweight...
Flexible Tripod for DSLR and Smartphone
Flexible tripod design for DSLR and smartphone for still photographic, cinematographic, vlogging, and live stream. Great for content creators.Model: FT-301RMax height: 310mmMax load: 2000gMaterial: flexible aluminum with rubberWeight: 300gWhat included:1 x Flexible tripod  
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