POWRIG offers the hybrid neutral density and polarizing filters, which will help to reduce glare and increase color saturation while maintaining proper shutter speed. These hybrid filters will provide a clearer image than the alternative of stacking an ND and polarizing filter, and are light enough that they do not inhibit the performance of the gimbal, requiring no counterbalance. While the neutral density filters allow greater control over the camera’s shutter speed, the polarizing aspect of these hybrid filters reduces harsh glare from direct reflections when flying over water, snow, desert, or other reflective landscapes while sharpening contrast and improving color saturation.

- ND4/PL best used at dawn or dusk when the camera is natively shutter speed at 1/250th
- ND8/PL best used when cloudy/mostly cloudy and the camera is shutter speed at 1/500
- ND16/PL best used during bright conditions or during partly cloudy days and the shutter speed at 1/100th

Model: DF-ND/PL Kit
Material: Aluminum frame with optical glass

ND4/PL Filter x1,
ND8/PL Filter x1,
ND16/PL Filter x1,

ND Filter + Polarizer Filter Kit for Mavic Air

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