How to use your smartphone as the webcam


Using a smartphone(iOS or Android) as a camera for your Zoom meeting is an easy and affordable way to improve your image quality compare to the built-in webcam.

We more and more use videoconfrerncing for our work, education and other communication. When using the latop with buit-in webcam, we found that the quality of image of the built-in webcam not good enough. Our smartphone can be acted as a good quality webcam with some apps to your laptop and destop online video meeting.

We need to download and install videoconferencing apps to your phone that lets you use your phone as a webcam. And download the client software on your PC or laptop.
Like: DroidCam Wireless Webcam app (Using an Android Phone With Windows)
iVCam (Using an iPhone or iPad With Windows)
NeuralCam Live (Using an iPhone or iPad With MacOS)
EpocCam (Using an Android Phone With MacOS)


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